Our Story

"House of Arden was founded after Sarah, my Branch Manager of Arden Estates Agents, came to me with an idea to stage empty properties. I initially said it wasn’t something I’d be interested in supporting. However, as her father finished up a three bedroom project he’d been working on during his retirement, Sarah took the initiative to carry out her idea on her father’s property before hitting the market.

She showed me the difference the service could make and I was impressed! Within a week of the property going live on the market, we’d received far more interest on the property than we would usually and the house sold after a successful bidding war for more than the asking price! What was even better was that she’d done it on a she string budget."

"From that point onwards, I could see the vision and that to benefit more of our clients with such a service, we needed a sound team behind the dream to make it happen. Maria, also a member of my team at Arden, had taken an interior design course outside of the office and had a good eye with a passion for the role, forming the perfect team, House of Arden was born.

Within its first two years we’ve built a portfolio of over 50 Home Staging’s, 49 are now completed sales, not only selling faster, but with over 90% of those properties selling within just two weeks of being on the market."

"Because of our success, we’ve been approached by clients with properties that they’d like staged, but require refurbishment first, such as ex-rentals and probate properties, it may be as simple as painting over marks and scuffs to painting over a loud feature wall or replacing old carpets with new.

Although, there is always an initial cost, overall we’ve found that by carrying out the refurbishment, it can add a value of 5-10% on to any given property making the return on investment between 500%-1000% – not a bad return!"

Jon Whitehead Co-Director of House of Arden