We're Celebrating - Milestone Moment!

We're Celebrating!

It's a Milestone Moment for House of Arden Home Staging


In this last week, House of Arden reached a new high and milestone moment. Not only have we recently staged our 200th property, we’re also celebrating Sarah’s first anniversary of her transition to managing House of Arden Home Staging full-time!


Left to Right: Maria Stokes and Sarah Massey


Since 2017, we had slowly been building House of Arden Home Staging in our spare time, alongside full-time jobs in the property industry. However, it got to the point where although we both still loved staging properties and seeing them transform into beautiful homes, the business was really beginning to get busier then we could manage with the time we had available to devote to it.

So, after 6 years of juggling, Sarah made the bold decision this time last year to leave her secure position as a branch manager within an estate agency, and concentrate on House of Arden full-time to grow the company. With the support of Maria and the other directors, it was time for Sarah to follow her true dream...home staging.

Over this last year, we’ve grown faster than ever. Month-by-month we have built upon the strong foundations we’d already set. We’ve invested in even more stunning furniture and accessories, and can now stage around 20 homes at any given time, this is nearly double the number of homes we were able to stage this time last year!

We’ve also welcomed a couple of new team members, including Claire Williams, our newest Home Stylist, and Freelance Interior Designer Jennifer Alekna. Both ladies bring their own sense of style, experience and skills, and it’s a huge support and pleasure having them with us. 




We’re still learning every day and some days can be challenging, but we are so proud of what we’ve built and achieved over the last few years.

Home staging is still a relatively niche industry, which promises clients fantastic returns on investment and is really beginning to take off here in the UK. So, we’re incredibly pleased to be able to offer our clients a personal, friendly and affordable bespoke service, which had not been available in the Worcestershire area previously.

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported and believed in us - all of our clients have been absolutely amazing to work with so far, and make our jobs an absolute joy!

Here’s looking to a successful 2024, we hope that you'll follow us on social media and enjoy our photos and content. And don’t forget, if you have an empty property to sell, contact House of Arden Home Staging for a free consultation and quote. 

We'd love to hear from you,

Sarah and Maria


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